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Swine Flu at Cumberland Hotel

Cumberland Hotel


I was a corporate client at the
Cumberland Hotel in London, where I commited 4500 rooms. A number of
mistakes came up with some guests, including an important figure whom
I shall not name for sake of discression, but when I asked Mr. Denis
Rollet why it happened, he says Indian's and Muslims are just like that. Till
today I have not received a consolidated bill for my taxes, given that
I stayed there for a few months, and had employess, guests, and
business associates coming in and out.

I recently have been diagnosed with the Swine Flu at the Cumberland
Hotel, Cumberland place, London.

I have been on Tamiflu for the last three days under the care of Dr.
V. Bhatt and my symptoms have dissipated. Between a combination of
fear of reinfection, and a racist attitude of a gentlemen named Mr.
Denis Rollett (again whom I'm made numerous complaints), I have moved
out of the hotel and am well on my way to recovery.

Just to give you an idea of the level of service, this is the reply m
office recieved from Mr. Rollet

Dear Ramesh,

I would appreciate if in the future you could please stop emails and
phone calls to both Mr Nijhawan and myself. We do not feel it is
necessary for either of us to be contacted either by yourself or Mr

Once again, the relationship between your account and the hotel is
handled by Mr Konstantinos Kaklidakis. Should you have any queries,
do direct them directly through him. I will ask him to respond to you
with regards to the outcome of Mr Hooda's stay at the Cumberland.

Whilst writing please note that we will not be in a position to
provide you with any records of past clients except for the number of
room nights & revenue generated through the SH account.

Kind regards


However, I feel the Cumberland should be shut down since it seems to
be a breeding ground for the virus, and Mr. Rollet is discouraging
disclosure. I am also copying this letter to a number of newpapers in
the UK, the Middle East through our partners there New Medical Center,
and to a number of Indian publications so others do not have to go
through my negative experience

On a seperate note, a prominent person, had the follwing
issue AS MY GUEST :

June 30, 2009

Dear Kate

I am the Managing Director of the ____ Group based out of India, and
currently a guest with your hotel. Your reference was provided by Eva, the
front office/reception Manager.

We were referred to your hotel by a good friend (who I believe is also your
corporate client), Mr. Sharik Currimbhoy.

We checked into 2 junior suites on the 25th of June, 09 and after a comedy
of errors & in lieu of our original reservation (email enclosed); on the 29
th of June 09 were shifted into your apartment building adjacent to the main
hotel building. We are currently occupying the rooms 006 and 008. Other than
the surprising fact the air conditioning is not functioning, we find the
apartments suitable.

This move, and the various problems being faced by us was handled superbly
by Ms Joanna at your sales department, who we must compliment is an
exemplary employee. Strangely the front desk staff managed, yet again to
misplace our reservation, a situation which was handled superbly by your
front office Manager Ms Eva.

Ever since yesterday the attitude of the front desk (at the apartment
building) staff has been cold, rude and highly unhelpful. Generally they are
always found holding the phone receiver in their hand – from the
expressions/conversations it doesn’t appear these are official calls.
Whenever they are approached for any help/assistance, they get off the phone
reluctantly, only to give monosyllabic answers, and again resume their

Generally we are fairly easy going but today certain events unfolded that
have compelled us to write this complaint note. Since this morning the
air-conditioning units of both our rooms are not working. I complained twice
since, once to Ms Joanna at the front desk here (not the Joanna referred to
above), and second time to Emma, again at the front desk. Both of them were
cold and rude and appeared to take no interest in the complaint – not
surprisingly nobody showed up even until late afternoon (since we have a
newborn baby, we were in the room all day),or even reverted stating the
cause of the problem or action thereon. At this point I was compelled to
call Eva, who was very kind – she came over to the room & told us that the
problem could not be rectified today and would be done first thing tomorrow.
Rudeness of the front desk staff was pointed out to her – she also
acknowledged that the front desk staff should not have taken as much as half
a day to revert on the nature of the problem & action taken thereon –
especially since they knew the AC would take more than a day to be fixed.

This front office staff sunk to their lowest level when a girl called me in
the room around 9 PM, informing us that our room reservation expired today &
she then asked for our reservation code, threatening that failing which she
would ensure she has us evicted from our room number 008. I informed her
that both Eva & Joanna (sales dept) possess our reservation code, to which
she replied that she can’t ‘get through’ to Eva & continued to ‘demand’ for
code. I pointed out her rudeness and asked her for her name - no surprise it
was the same Emma from the front desk! Perhaps feedback on her rude
behaviour reached her & it was her way to get back. Incidentally she also
refused to provide her ‘full’ name stating she ‘wouldn’t do so’. This sort
of client interaction is so ridiculous that is borders on being despicable!!

We’ve suffered much too much. Anyhow, we request you to intervene and take
appropriate steps so perhaps your future guests don’t have to suffer in the
same way that we have.



Till today, when I ask Denis for a response, neither he not anyone
else returns my calls.

In any case, I've moved out so I don't get reinfected in the
Cumberland, and since I'm on day 3 of Tamiflu I'm feeling much better.

My warning, don't stay at the Cumberland, the service is terrible, and they're infected with Swine Flu, especially if you're over 50, be careful!

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